Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Trips

I've been on a few mini adventures with my camera as of late and have some photos to share. The first trip was to Coronado (California) on Mother's Day when I went down for an Historic Home Tour. I love going on old home tours. I just plain love old homes. They have a character that new homes can't even begin to imitate. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the interiors of the homes we were touring, so I just took out my camera on the walks in-between houses.

Last weekend, I ventured over to the Lavendar Fields in Valley Center. They have all kinds of organic lavendar blooming on a hillside at the end of a dirt road. It was a beautiful relief from the surrounding dry Southern California landscape, something my green loving, East Coast soul needed. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

An Hour Till Noon

I've got the whole afternoon stretching out in front of me with no particular obligations to meet. Today is my 22nd Anniversary but dear hubby Tom is in class all day, so celebrating will have to wait until he gets home.

Last weekend we spent cruising festivals. Saturday was the Artwalk festival in Little Italy, San Diego and Sunday we went to the Street Faire in Encinitas. I found an artist, Marna Schindler (see link in sidebar) at the Artwalk that paints beautiful colorful and joyful pictures of animals and landscapes. I brought home the two little lovebirds, called Little Buddies, and the picture of "Happy Hank" the dog
because it makes me just that, happy. I love going to art festivals and getting inspired. You can always feel the passion that artists have for their particular creative outlet and that's always something I've wanted to find for myself. This has been a tremendous point of muddled confusion and longing on my part. Many years and find-your-passion books later, I feel like I'm narrowing it down but am still unsettled. I love vintage things and home decorating; I enjoy photography and graphic design. If you have a passion, how did you know that that was what it was that you wanted to focus on and how do you separate it from other things in your life that you enjoy doing? I figure that I already know in my heart what my passion is but have not had the confidence in myself to recognize it.

I'm taking a class in Adobe Illustrator and this week, had to turn in a logo project. I decided to make a logo for the fantasy decorating shop that I have in my head. I call it Homebody. It's full of all my favorite things: vintage pine furniture, big comfy slipcovered chairs, clocks with kind faces, ironstone, art from local artists, pillows made from recycled sweaters or that have appliques stitched on them, candles and soaps with floral scents, quotes in whatever form, hints of graphics - typography with letters and numbers, inspiring books, colorful pottery, uplifting music, photographs, architectural remnants, vases with flowers, things in the shape of a star, and anything else that catches my fancy. I hope you all come.