Monday, August 11, 2008

Colors and Canines

I'm in a summer slumber slump. Warm air makes me tired, the rhythm of a rotating fan makes me sleepy and my projects are in a holding pattern. This summer has gone by faster than ever...only two weeks until college classes begin again.

We dog-sat for half the summer. Tom brought home an out-of-town coworker's Whippet/Pug mix named Toby and after we vacuumed up the fog of shedding hair, we had a high old time playing with the little bundle of innocence and love.

I'm in the prepping stages of another picture for the house. I got the idea after leafing through a House Beautiful magazine. With the gazillion and one paint chips that I've collected, (while others collect pottery or recipes, I collect color) I'm going to puzzle together over two hundred squares into a colorful grid of gradients, shadows and light. I plan for it to be 24x36 unless I can manage to make it bigger without going broke in framing costs. It will represent both a love of interior decoration and digital photography (pixelation!)

My walls stay pretty bare until I can find something meaningful to hang on them. I hate going into houses where department store pictures cover the walls and you can't tell a thing about the owners. I want the walls in our house to be a journal of who we are as people and as a family.

I took this picture of the studio/guest room/hangout desk because it's looking mighty colorful and cheerful these days.

Love to all, Bridget